Colorfol Sales 2015

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Colorfol has expanded its business and therefore a new site was required.

Colorfol Sales – Colorfol, a good customer of mine. Since the beginning of he was already asking for websites and web projects. This must be the fourth website I built for them.

Colorfol has expanded its business to Colorfol Sales. Colorfol sales has a new focus on face to face sales-services.

Colorfol Sales is built upon WordPress, since the old site also used WordPress, this was an obvious choice.


A new branch requires the expanding of the old website or creating brand new site. In this case I created two brand new sites with a clear division in between. Maesdesign created two new sub domains and moved the old website, Colorfol (Graphics) to and began building the new sales on

Thus the main page also needed a new site, in this case I choose for a simple html based site but with split view in order to divert the customers to Graphic or Sales.