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For my own website I built a brand new site, with a new lay-out with the "Maesdesign" colours.  
Clients – Since it’s my own project for my own site, I’m the client and I know what I want. This makes it much easier in editing and adjusting the pages to my style.


One of the biggest tasks was to start the project. Then the next question was, should I start with a framework to create my own Content Management System (CMS) or use an existing one? I do like to use my old framework which I’ve used for a couple other sites, but I made the choice of using WordPress as the basics for the site. On top of it I used the “Ronneby” template in which you can just alter everything.

The reason for this choice, I don’t have enough time anymore to built my own framework and CMS. 2016 will be a quiet year for Maesdesign, yet I want to keep the name for the future.