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The Quickpark project was made for a bachelor assessment. It is an automated parking system designed to ease your parking needs using a license plate detection system made with a Raspberry Pi and a webcam. This innovative idea was published in a Belgian newspaper:

For our bachelor assessment we needed to do a project. We’ve chosen for an automated parking system. Thomas More Kempen was very interested in this concept.


A total of three people worked on the website of Quickpark. It uses a custom framework made by Maesdesign.

My primary task was being a team lead for web. And together with my two other colleagues, we built an awesome back end which has different functionalities such as

  • Changing the tariff
  • Adding or deleting parking lots
  • Displaying current parking sessions

But we were with six people and the other three people worked at the other important part of the project. The designing, building and testing of the Raspberry Pi license plate detection system.