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The Table Tennis Club of Turnhout moved to a completely renovated building and to celebrate the 'renewal' of the club, they also wanted a new site.
Clients – Tafeltennis Club of Turnhout (Table Tennis Club) moved in 2014 to their new buildings. And to celebrate this event, they also decided it was time for a new and responsive website.

One of the trainers already had a good experience with Maesdesign and thus I was chosen to create the website for them.


TTKT wanted a couple of things. An important item was the integration with Flickr and Twitter. They also organise a lot of events during the year, thus it was nice to have an event calendar.

Since it was a clean start of a project, there was not much that needed to be kept. TTKT is a completely new website with the options to integrate Facebook and other social media.