Jordy Maes

Implementation Consultant, Photographer, Traveller...

Thank you for stopping by! On this blog site, I will try to write down my Tech, Travel and Photography experiences. Those are also some of the keywords I try to live by.

“Life would be much easier if I had the source code”,


I’m a person who loves to take pictures whilst travelling. Photography means a lot to me.

I’m a person who enjoys travelling (by car), to visit some unique locations or events around Europe.

Besides that I’m also working as an IT – Azure Integration Consultant – specialist.
Feel free to check out my resumé on LinkedIn!

When talking about technology, I’m not only thinking about my job as Azure Integration Consultant, but also everything related to geeky gadgets, altering network configuration settings or upgrading my Network Attached Storage.

I like to travel, a lot. This does not only mean the big trips to another country, but also the small day adventures in your own region or country.

I try to do one big trip towards a foreign country each year. I have made a deal with my girlfriend that one year we travel by car and the next year we will travel by plane. This also keeps the harmony within the travelling and gives us the most possibilities to see a lot of the world.

Also, when I am travelling, I try to visit at least one Hard Rock Cafe per big trip, since I like to collect a pin of each Hard Rock Cafe.

When I’m travelling or visiting new locations and events, I enjoy the atmosphere, but I also try to capture the moment.

The main categories of photography which I like capture are Travel, Urban, Landscape and Urbex (though it’s been a while).

If you want to read more about my gear, you can check it out on my photography gear page.