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Having a brand name is important, and that’s what Maesdesign is. It the name of the general portfolio I use. On this site you can find more information about the projects that I’ve accomplished.

This includes my technology projects, my travel subjects and the branding of my photography portfolio.
Besides my projects, I also tend to use Maesdesign as my ‘infrastructure’ branding for my devices.

If you are interested in the topics above, I suggest you check out my Blog or my Photography page.


“Life would be much easier if I had the source code”

Jordy Maes – Integration & Implementation Consultant :: Certified Agile Coach
Connecting Things together
I am working in the Information Technology sector as an Implementation Consultant. This means that I’m also ‘implementing’ my own technology experiments at home. Check out my blog is you want to know more about technology.
Driving around Europe
When having the opportunity, I like to travel a lot, I love to explore the nearby cities or regions. If you are interested in my Travel Topics, be sure to check out my blog.
Loving my Camera
Photography and Travel go hand in hand together. Whenever I have the opportunity, I bring my camera with me. Check my gear if you want to know more how I shoot my pictures.


Talking about Tech, Travel and Photography

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Power BI and Web App Containers at Tech Summit 2018

Microsoft Tech Summit 2018 in Amsterdam is already over. The past two days were interesting days filled with new technology sessions and break-outs given by Microsoft employees and MVPs. Today

Microsoft 365 and VSTS at Tech Summit 2018

Unfortunately day one of the Microsoft Tech Summit in Amsterdam is over, so time to write a short story about our first day. It must be said, the first presentations

See you at Microsoft Tech Summit 2018!

Tomorrow evening, my colleague Martijn and I will be leaving for Amsterdam, joining other developers at Microsoft Tech Summit 2017-18. Microsoft Tech Summit is a free two day technical learning event


“Life would be much easier if I had the source code”

- Jordy Maes

Photography Portfolio

Check out my photography album on 500px!

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My photographs are displayed on various sites such as 500px and Flickr. Below I’ve shared the Photography 2020 album, which is displayed on 500px.

Bruges waterways by Jordy Maes / 500px | @500px