Hi there and welcome to Maesdesign!

``Life would be much easier with the source code``

First let me introduce myself…

My name is Jordy Maes and I currently work as a Business Integration Engineer for Integration.Team, which is a division of i8c and a Cronos company.

In 2015 I graduated as a Bachelor in Informatics (ICT) at Thomas More Kempen, in Geel.

It was an obvious choice for me to to something with ICT / Informatics. Thus after my great internship at the Faculty of Applied Informatics of the Thomas Bata University in Zlín, I went back to Belgium to apply for a job.

In 2014, together with my colleague we won the Legendary Future Technology Prize at Hack The Future.


More about me…

In my spare time I am busy developing websites, shooting pictures and spending time with my girlfriend.

Going to concerts and city-trips are also nice things to do.

I also enjoy a good cup of coffee, preferably an Espresso or Latte Macchiato to practice and fail at Latte Art.

Jordy Maes
Business Integration Engineer
Jordy Maes
Business Integration Engineer


Photo taken in Ghent, Belgium

Photography is...

A big hobby of me…

When going abroad, I can just walk around somewhere and spend hours of taking pictures of the culture, the view and people.

But, I also like to urbex around, and go to abandoned places.

I do not limit myself with one aspect of photography, I’m open for every kind of it, such as urban, urbex, street or nature.

I also enjoy filming and creating cool action shots, unfortunately it costs too much time to create clips.

``Life would be much with the source code``

My Blog

Important changes in the Custom SQL Queries and BizTalk360 version 8.7 (read it on Integration.Team)

Sometimes I write blog posts for Integration.Team, the company that I’m working for. This time, I wrote a post about the tool from Kovai Ltd, called BizTalk360. BizTalk360 is an

BizTalk360 version 8.6 release notes (read it on Integration.Team)

Sometimes I write blog posts for Integration.Team, the company that I’m working for. This time, I wrote a post about the tool from Kovai Ltd, called BizTalk360. BizTalk360 is an

The reason why I’m moving towards Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC

Alright, so I’m an amateur in photography. I do have a DSLR camera, I do shoot RAW pictures and I do try to take care of my pictures (well, at

Goodbye awel.maesdesign.be

After almost three years, the subdomain awel.maesdesign.be is now being suspended. During this vast period I’ve created and maintained a permanence planner for the volunteers of Awel.be (or at least a part of

Milestone: BizTalk Server 2016 is RTM!

Microsoft has given their BizTalk Server 2016 the RTM status, meaning that we all can download the latest version from MSDN. It is the tenth version of BizTalk with a

Maesdesign16 is online!

  Finally!! The new website of Maesdesign 16 is complete! It took me too long to finish up this project but now, it’s done. Well.. Almost. Not yet everything is complete.


My Portfolio

VLOT 2017

Someone I knew from school asked me if I could edit a HTML Template for her final assignment.  I used a pre-existing HTML Template by HTML5 UP and edited the lay-out a

Maesdesign 2016

For my own website I built a brand new site, with a new lay-out with the “Maesdesign” colours.  

Molenhofravels 2015

Molenhof Ravels, a new website for a new owner of a historical building.

TMZlin EV3 2015 (Simulation of logistic distribution processes through intelligent robotic components)

The goal of this project is to create and develop technical promotional material for the Faculty of Applied Informatics at the Tomas Bata University in Zlín. With this promotional material

Quickpark 2015

The Quickpark project was made for a bachelor assessment. It is an automated parking system designed to ease your parking needs using a license plate detection system made with a

TTK Turnhout 2014

The Table Tennis Club of Turnhout moved to a completely renovated building and to celebrate the ‘renewal’ of the club, they also wanted a new site.

Awel Permanentie 2014

Awel Permanentie is a management-site for the phone support of Awel, a service which children and young people can call to ask for help or questions about their personal life.

Thomas More App 2014

Thomas More App, the app created by 2ICT, for Thomas More, during their project week.


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